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the HA8FW





Born in Hódmezővásárhely, on Hungary, in 1953

QSY with my family, on Kazincbarcika in 1959,  

My name is Mihaly Bela (Bela) my call sign is now HA8FW.

First club the Radio Club of Kazincbarcika in 1967. 
HA9JOB first call sign was then a short time HA9PU and HA8FW now since 1988. A lot of the club call sign (HA9YOB & HA9KOV (this time HA9BVK) and the Technical University College Radio Club (HA9KPU) became the leader.

From 1988 HA8KCK  & HG8DX.

The College is very good team came together:
(HA3NS Jan (sk), HA9PN Zoli (sk), HA9SU Bela (sk),  HA6OL, HA3UF, HA6OI, HA9’s) call sign mention that only the well-known.
Learning come under a lot of time with the antenna experiments.
Antenna p
ark was a unique dish.
(4 elements Yagi on 80 & 40 meters (beaming JA), 2 elements HB9CV on 80 & 40 meters (beaming USA),  3/4/5 elements Quad on 20/15/10 meters), which today is not great, but the 70's he was a big win indeed!

I love to contests, awards & QSL card hunt.
I have is 9BDXCC, 5BWAZ (with 200 Zones) IOTA (813/525 QSO/QSL) USACA (800/495), RDA (815/517) DLD 1000, WAE TOP and more awards from the World.
Over the past 47 years, more than 180,000 QSO was established.
The DXCC is both my call sign separately. (HA9PU & HA8FW)
Nearly 200 diploms are from contests & awards.

2006 in October of the VK / ZL Contest (last QSO VK4BUI) en-stroke me, had not activity, only modestly. The great expeditions do not miss it!

The Szeged Area Radio Club (HG8DX-HA8KCK)

I am the Klub President.


I am QSL manager for many years of DK9FN's & VE3NE & VE3NZ's expeditions. (CE0Y/DK9FN, YJ0AFN, H44FN, H40FN, CY0DX, VP5/VE3NE, VP5/VE3NZ)

"Old soldiers never die, they only fade away"